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You really can have a bigger and better Super Bowl party without spending a bucketload of cash this year. Here are some of the best tips for giving your friends a party they will never forget, without blowing your budget.

1. Buy Beer in Bulk

Get more libation then you need, and get it wholesale. Grocery chains are well known to raise the price of their cheap beer substantially during Super Bowl weekend, so go in on kegs. This will keep all of the good times flowing. If your group is full of craft beer aficionados, have everyone bring a craft 6 pack for a great selection (and some friendly one-upmanship)!

2. Buy the Sides, Not the Main Course

You can save money on your Super Bowl Party by taking up a collection for pizzas or takeout. Spend your money on the big, expensive side items that take up a lot of space on the table like punch or chips and dip. You can also save money by making homemade guacamole out of the extra vegetables in your refrigerator. The only thing that you probably don’t have are a few avocados, and that will only cost you a couple of bucks.

3. Shop Smart

Create a list based on the kinds of foods you know your friends will enjoy. Don’t know for sure? Send out a group email or text and find out. Then, hit up a Walmart, or the like, and only buy what’s on your list. Super Bowl specials abound so, chances are, you’ll be able to find the items you need at good prices. Just stick to the list. Impulse buys can be tempting at the large warehouse club stores.

4. Make it a Potluck Super Bowl Party

You are supplying the venue, so why not share the food among your friends? Calling for a potluck-style Super Bowl Party can be fun. It enables everyone to pitch in and feel more attached to the result of the party. When you go potluck, you’ll often folks bring their tried and true family recipes (like Grandma’s famous onion dip) and the cost of the spread is kept low for all involved since no one has to shell out for the entire spread.

5. Party at the Sports Bar!

If you have any inroads at your local watering hole, it may actually be less expensive to hold your party there than at your house. Unlike grocery stores, sports bars usually have discounts on drinks during Super Bowl Sunday rather than price hikes. You also save money on the use of silverware and the cleanup that you take on when people track their dirt in from outside. Do the numbers. If it makes more sense to outsource your hospitality, call your friends with a quick relocation plan!

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