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Want to get your financial situation straight in 2017? Now, more than ever there are a plethora of great apps and financial tools to help you stay on track. Of course, it all starts with you. So set yourself up for success. Set attractive, concrete goals you want to achieve with your savings. Want to put away six months of salary and living expenses? Always dreamed of a trip to Venice? Want to save enough for the down payment on a home? All of the above?

Thanks to today’s technology, it’s now easier than ever to track how much you’re spending, save money (even without noticing it) and even invest those accrued nickels and dimes in the stock market. Here are 3 financially-focused apps to help you get your savings on a roll!


The popular round up app, Acorns, enables virtually anyone to become a micro-investor in just a matter of minutes. Want to start learning the basics of investing without going big? With this user-friendly app you can setup daily, weekly, or monthly investments. The money you invest is diversified across as many as 7,000 stocks to help minimize risk. College students can even invest for free for up to 4 years when they register with a valid .edu email address.


Qapital Round-Up App

This app allows you to set it to round up every debit or credit card transaction to the nearest dollar and apply those cents towards a savings goal. You can also set particular rules that become triggered the moment you make certain purchases. Say you’re stocking up for groceries for the week at Whole Foods. You could set a trigger for this app to automatically deposit $10 into your savings with every purchase you make at “Whole Paycheck.” Find you need a spending slap on the wrist to help you change your ways? Qapital enables you to take proactive measures so that every trip to your favorite department store will ensure your spending (and not just your closet) sees a little love too. 


Level Money

Level Money goes a little further than the aforementioned round up apps. This multifunctional financial app uses its trademark “LevelSM financial GPS” to provide you with a real time snapshot of your spending and budget. This savings tool is designed to replace the user’s reliance on a bank account balance with a predetermined “spendable” balance for the month. In other words, instead of looking at your bank balance you’ll look at your Level balance. And with detailed insights and breakdowns of where your money is going, you’ll see the cumulative costs of your buying habits in real time. Got an Amazon buying habit? Love that daily cappuccino and croissant? With Level Money you can see how much those choices are costing you and choose to make more advantageous decisions going forward.

Other features include the ability to sync multiple bank accounts to the app, forecast upcoming bills (and see when they rise), allot funds for essentials (rent, food, bills) and predict income for coming months.



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