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Lender EDGE ®

Every Lender needs an EDGE.

We match people to Lenders in the Loanry® Store using innovative marketing.

Using both traditional and cutting EDGE techniques, LenderEDGE supports a revenue-centric approach to lead generation. Each Lender relationship is personalized to meet specific goals. The highest level of compliance is practiced to always do what’s best for the consumer.

LenderEDGE spent considerable time and $1 million building the first every Total View system and a diligent compliance infrastructure. LenderEDGE grew 25% month over month in 2015 or 1650% over 2014.

LenderEDGE’s, unique lead generation platform helps Lenders control and purchase leads in the “tree”. Backed by a network of affiliates and an in-house team with years of experience in the lending, credit, and marketing industries, LenderEDGE is focused on quality of leads it delivers to its buyers.