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Give Karma. Feel Good.

GiveKarma lets you use your smart device to pay people while giving to your favorite charity securely and easily, across the US, with a single touch. GiveKarma is a Person-to-Person money transfer app where the company gives a percentage to the charity of your choice.

GiveKarma donates a percent of its own profit to charity. We all know the financial world can give back! Invest in Social Charity. Download Karma today!

Through a more responsible message, GiveKarma wants to connect app users beyond millennial. From the merchant perspective, the user knows the merchant also subscribes to giving to those in need. The social feed aspect of the app helps dramatically increase adoption. Giving is hip to all ages! Pay off personal debts, send money to pay for food, drinks or soon anything. Have good Karma. GiveKarma today!

En"Lighten" your wallet.