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student loan
Personal Finance Student Loans Trending

Is It Smart to Refinance Your Student Loan? What to Consider.

When student loan refinancing offers come in the mail (or on the phone), you may start wondering whether refinancing is right for you. Refinancing is a personal decision, so you’re…

millennials are different about money
Personal Finance Trending

How Millennials are Different About Money

You may have heard that Millennials are different about money. When you look at them in comparison to Gen Xers and the Baby Boomer generations, the differences are really quite…

self-made women
Personal Finance Trending

5 Self-Made Women You Need to Know

1. Adi Tatarko, Houzz Adi Tatarko probably wouldn’t have made a whopping $300 million if Pinterest had been around when she was looking for ideas to remodel her house, back…

personal finance
Featured Personal Finance Trending

What is Personal Finance in the 21st Century?

Nowadays less Americans are practicing a “Keeping up with the Joneses” kind of lifestyle. Back in the day, purchasing brand name goods and showing off your wealth to your neighbors…

managing finances by personality type
Featured Howto Personal Finance

How to Manage Finances by Personality Type

Ever considered how certain aspects of your personality type might be hindering the way you manage finances? Your natural disposition can feed into negative habits or, if harnessed properly, be…

Featured Howto Personal Finance Trending

Is it Too Early to Save for Retirement?

Let’s face it, you probably don’t think too much about saving for your mid-sixties. The good news is you’re not alone: 1 in 3 Americans have zero saved for retirement….

what is an IRA
Featured Personal Finance

What is an IRA? A Quick Explanation.

What is an IRA? Catch yourself saying, “what is an IRA?” Or, are you wondering what sort of retirement account you need? In just 2 minutes, learn the basics of…