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how compounding interest works
Howto Personal Loans

How Compounding Interest Works, Really

If you’re looking to effectively manage your finances, one of the most important concepts to master is compound interest. For many of us the math behind it can feel a…

Cinco de Mayo

How to Have a Fun Wallet-Friendly Cinco de Mayo Party

Cinco de Mayo is a popular Mexican holiday, celebrating Mexico’s independence from Spain, that usually involves a celebration (fiesta) full of bright colors, friends, and lots of great food (tacos)…

managing finances by personality type
Featured Howto Personal Finance

How to Manage Finances by Personality Type

Ever considered how certain aspects of your personality type might be hindering the way you manage finances? Your natural disposition can feed into negative habits or, if harnessed properly, be…

how compounding interest works
Featured Howto Personal Finance Trending

Considering School Loan Consolidation? What you Need to Know.

Student loan consolidation is an often overlooked option that can drastically simplify the educational loan repayment process. The purpose of consolidation is to reorganize many debts into a single payment…

The Lowdown on Filing Taxes for 2016: What You Need to Know
Featured Howto Personal Finance Trending

The Lowdown on Filing Taxes for 2016: What You Need to Know

Uh oh, tax time is coming soon. Figuring out your taxes is never fun, but you can ease the pain by being ready. Pump up your Tax IQ by getting…

ways to save money
Howto Personal Finance

8 Ridiculously Easy Ways to Save Money

When calculating a budget and socking away funds in your savings account feels like an impossibility, a blind approach to your finances may seem like the best option at the…